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Mix-and-match Your Preferred Models Freely! T&T AWE Custom Trial Kit Is Coming Soon!

Mix-and-match Your Preferred Models Freely! T&T AWE Custom Trial Kit Is Coming Soon!

In the world of tattooing, artists naturally aim to deliver the best results for their clients. As they embark on creating masterpieces, some questions about their tools may arise:

  • Are the tattoo needles suited to my unique style and level of expertise?
  • Do these needles offer something distinctively beneficial for my work?
  • Can I count on these needles for safety and consistency?
  • Will long sessions at the chair cause me discomfort or fatigue?
  • And ultimately, are these needles worth the investment?

Here’s the good news: Discovering answers to these pivotal questions just got easier. The key to a confident choice lies in the opportunity to test and experience the equipment firsthand.

Why The T&T AWE Trial Kit?

Different tattoo needles fit different tattoo styles, and artists need to make sure the needles they use work well. Trying them out first makes it easier to pick the right one.

Tattoo gear can be pricey, especially for new or solo tattoo artists. The T&T AWE Trial Kit lets artists test the quality and performance before buying, helping them save money and resources.

It takes time to trust a brand, and the T&T AWE Trial Kit aims to ease tattoo artists' worries by letting them try the needles themselves, confirming the quality and performance of T&T tattoo needle cartridges.

The T&T AWE Trial Kit features ten of our top-selling cartridges at a very affordable price, and we at T&T are keen to hear all user feedback. With a 99% positive feedback rate for our top-selling tattoo needles, we aim to satisfy artists for the long term. By offering the T&T AWE Trial Kit, we involve users in product development and gather their opinions to improve T&T tattoo needle cartridges.

Special Features of the T&T AWE Trial Kit

Explore the exceptional capabilities of the T&T AWE Trial Kit, which brings together advanced features designed for the modern tattoo artist:


The most convenient feature of the T&T AWE Trial Kit is that you can freely choose 10 tattoo needle cartridge models you want to try out. We will provide the most top-selling tattoo needle cartridge models for you to choose from: RoundLiner, RoundShader, Flats, Magnums, and RoundMagnums. This mix lets you explore various tattoo styles with our best needles.


Experience a smoother, more precise, and uniform tattooing process with the T&T AWE Trial Kit.
Thanks to the innovative capillary ink reservoir at the tip of the T&T AWE, ink flows evenly to each needle, ensuring quick, consistent fills and top-notch results with line lengths of 30cm or more.


Designed for convenience, our trial packs are compact and portable, perfect for outdoor gigs, events, or mobile studios. Work on your art anytime, anywhere.
We've put thought into our trial pack packaging to ensure it not only safeguards the needles but also makes your tattooing experience easier and more enjoyable, letting you concentrate on your art, not your gear.


Rest assured, each of our T&T AWE Trial Kit has undergone rigorous testing and certification to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring unmatched quality that you can rely on.

Ready to Go

The T&T AWE Trial Kit is set to launch this April at an incredibly affordable price, making it accessible to artists of all levels. Plus, we're gearing up for an exclusive online event where T&T enthusiasts can dive into the world of AWE and discover the difference firsthand.

Don't miss out on this experience. Subscribe and stay in the loop for the launch of the T&T AWE Trial Kit, because with T&T AWE, the best is yet to ink!

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