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Not sure how old your company has been running but I wish i would've known about it long time ago, love your needle cartridges, and for those prices, you just can't beat that. Awsome company!

Richard C.

I was really surprised about how they pushed the black as well as how easily it smoothed out grey washes. I'll definitely keep buying these.

Arron D.

I absolutely love these needles! My lines have never been sharper. They make the ink go in smooth & they make so much less mess than others I have used.

Jeremy R.

This cartridges are awesome good quality precise, and the ink flow is amazing maintain sharp during the whole tattoo process I’m impressed.

Roberto R.

Really enjoying these needles--cheaper than Cheyenne carts with equal quality. The needles are consistently stable and ink never pools. Will be buying more!

Mitchell A.


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