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Why Are 80% of Tattoo Shops Losing Customers? The Surprising Truth Unveiled

Why Are 80% of Tattoo Shops Losing Customers? The Surprising Truth Unveiled

Welcome to this week’s blog! I’m Tracy, and today I’m excited to share with you some important insights I’ve gathered from my years in the tattoo industry. Have you ever wondered why some tattoo studios attract more customers than others? It’s not merely a matter of luck. It boils down to their expertise, and, more importantly, their understanding of the key factors clients consider when choosing a studio. So how can you customize your services to guarantee a tattoo experience that not only satisfies but also helps you retain your customers?

How Do Customers Choose a Tattoo Studio?

Tattoo enthusiasts consider the following aspects when choosing a tattoo studio to ensure they select a shop that best matches their needs and preferences:

Artistic Compatibility and Reputation: Individuals are drawn to options that reflect their stylistic preferences and are well-regarded by others, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious match and credibility through external validation.

Hygiene, Safety, and Professionalism: Key concerns include the cleanliness of the premises, strict adherence to health protocols, the use of single-use equipment, and the conduct of the staff, underscoring a commitment to client well-being and trust.

Comfort, Pain Management, and Aftercare: The emphasis is on ensuring a soothing environment, reducing discomfort during procedures, and providing comprehensive guidance for post-session care, focusing on a positive and reassuring client experience.

Cost, Value, and Communication: Considerations revolve around transparent pricing, the perceived worth of the service, and clear, responsive interactions with clients, aiming to meet financial and project expectations with clarity and empathy.

Location and Studio Atmosphere: Preferences lean towards sites that are conveniently situated and welcoming, with an ambiance that aligns with clients' personal tastes, highlighting the significance of physical accessibility and an inviting setting.

How Do You Adjust Your Business Strategies Base On Customer Needs?

Based on the issues clients care about, tattoo studio owners can adjust the following business strategies, including some details clients may not have noticed:

Artistic Compatibility and Reputation:

Focus on training and professional skill enhancement for tattoo artists to offer higher-quality artistic works.
Promote the personalized styles of different tattoo artists within the shop to meet the needs of various clients. Moreover, attentively responding to feedback, whether it's received in-person or online, is essential for maintaining a positive and approachable reputation.

Hygiene, Safety, and Professionalism:

Implement stricter hygiene standards, including regular cleaning of work areas and the use of disposable instruments.
Provide visible hygiene measures, such as transparently displaying cleaning procedures. This transparency communicates a commitment to client safety and trust.

Comfort, Pain Management, and Aftercare:

Offer professional pain management advice, such as using topical anesthetic creams.
Create a comfortable environment, such as music, comfortable seating, etc., to reduce stress.
Provide detailed post-tattoo care instructions to ensure clients understand and can correctly follow them. Additionally, you can sell related care products, making it convenient for clients to purchase the necessary supplies.

Cost, Value, and Communication:

Offer a transparent pricing policy, including tattoo costs and any potential extra fees, to avoid hidden charges.
Furthermore, investing in training for staff to enhance their communication and service skills ensures they can accurately comprehend client needs and offer professional advice.
You should also provide various communication channels, such as online booking systems, social media platforms, etc., making it easy for clients to contact the studio at any time.

Location and Studio Atmosphere:

Make sure you provide detailed studio location information, including transportation and parking details, to make it easy for clients to arrive.
Enhance the decoration and atmosphere of the studio to create a safe and pleasant experience.


It's our hope at T&T Tattoo that these insights serve not just as information but as a solid foundation for fellow tattoo artists to enhance their business strategies. Stay tuned for our next blog, where I'll be sharing some of the best tips to help your tattoo business not only flourish but also remain a favorite among customers. In the meantime, don't forget to regularly check our social media channels for the latest updates and news. Cheers to making great art and even greater customer experiences!

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