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Expo Highlights: T&T's Recap of the Holland and Australia Tattoo Events

Expo Highlights: T&T's Recap of the Holland and Australia Tattoo Events

In the tattoo community, trade shows offer an incredible chance for us to get up to speed with industry trends, make new connections, and display what our brand is all about. This March, T&T was very successful both in Europe and Australia, and we're excited to share this memorable journey with you.

Rotterdam Tattoo Expo

At the Rotterdam Tattoo Expo, our booth, decked out in orange and purple, really stood out and grabbed the attention of tattoo artists and fans alike. This was our debut in Europe, and it turned out to be a huge success.

During the event, we got to dive deep into the expo with visitors, learning about what they look for and prefer. This insight is super valuable for shaping our future products and figuring out where we fit in the market.

We connected with many amazing folks in the tattoo world who are all about elevating the scene in Europe. Their warmth and the positive vibe from this trip have us excited about planning more events across Europe.

Moreover, our presence at the convention didn't just turn heads; it also spiked the popularity of T&T way beyond our expectations. Many pros in the tattoo community are now keen on helping us spread the word about T&T in Europe. This support boosts our confidence in making a mark on the European market.

Sydney Tattoo Expo

The Sydney Tattoo Expo was an unforgettable experience, filled with warm welcomes and friendly faces that made T&T feel right at home! The energy and positivity we encountered there left us with fond memories.

We took every opportunity to interact with attendees, sharing the story behind our brand and the advantages of our products. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with tattoo artists and shop owners among those expressing keen interest in what we offer.

Our live product demos and displays allowed us to showcase the high performance and innovative features of our products. Many tattoo professionals and enthusiasts were drawn to our booth, praising the quality and design of our items. Their enthusiasm and willingness to try out our products and start a lasting relationship with T&T were clear signs of support.

This experience not only deepened our connection with the local tattoo community but also bolstered our confidence about T&T's potential for growth in Australia. The eagerness of Sydney's tattoo parlors to engage with us motivates us to further explore and expand our presence in the Australian market, promising a bright future for T&T down under.


The T&T brand is deeply committed to delivering high-quality tools and services to tattoo artists around the world. Driven by our mission to innovate and lead the way, we're thrilled by the new opportunities and challenges that have emerged from our recent successes. We're dedicated to broadening T&T Tattoo's global presence and can't wait to share our innovative products and passion with even more tattoo enthusiasts. Your support fuels our creativity, and we're eager to surprise and inspire you with what's next.

Thank you for believing in us and being part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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