Unleash Your Creativity on Poker

T&T always believes in building a diverse, inclusive, and supportive family of artists. We encourage self-expression in a good-vibe environment and strive to bring all artists closer together...

Nowadays Poker has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of players around the world enjoying the game. But are you tired of seeing the same old designs on poker cards and you wanna give yourself a try of a new creative design?

This early summer, the "Unleash the Creativity on Poker" event is down in your hands, an opportunity for you to showcase all your creativity and talents to the world.

In this event, you will have the chance to design unique and innovative poker card deck designs, showcase your skills, increase your awareness, and services and attract new customers.

We want not only to unleash the creativity of our current royalty pals but also attract more new artists to join our big family. We establish new exposure opportunities and provide winning prizes for the special you.

Give us your epic artwork and be a part of this historic moment!


  • May 4th-20th - Activity Work Collect

We keep collecting all designs of T&T poker card motifs from tattoo artists across the United States.Β Entries must be uploaded through the specified link in square PNG format. (1200px*1200px)Β 

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  • May 21th - T&T Team Preliminary Vote

The T&T team will conduct an internal evaluation of all entries, and move to the final selection.

  • May 22th-30th - Public Vote

The final selection is a public vote that will use a link created by Google Forms for tattoo artists to vote.

  • May 31th: Winner Announcement

    The results will be announced in the next day after the final voting section. Our marketing team will contact each winner for the prize and related matters.

    Prizes: (Can be stacked)

    Participants: Exclusive 30% Off Coupon

    Finalists: 3 Boxes of AWE cartridges

    Winners: $300 & Mysterious Big Prize.

    *An extra box of AWE cartridges for every participant who posts this event and their work on Instagram. (Don't forget to tag @tnttattoo)


    Uphold the originality, professionalism, creativity, and integration principles, voting for the entries.

    Professionalism: We will examine the professionalism of the entries. And evaluate the details of the works, such as the accuracy of lines, shadows, detail processing, and clarity.

    Originality: We will confirm whether the entries are original, and copying others' works is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the participant will be disqualified, the prize will be withdrawn and the right to pursue legal responsibility will be reserved.

    Creativity: We encourage artists to show their personal characteristics, such as unique line processing, personalized scene description or vivid use of color, etc.

    Integration and integrity: We will evaluate the overall effect of the work, such as the harmony of colors and lines, the harmony of theme and brand interpretation, style, and cultural elements, and the degree of suitability with the specifications of poker.

    *All copyrights of all winning works except the author's authorship are owned by T&T.

    *The final interpretation rights of the above content belong to T&T Tattoo Device Inc.

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