T&T Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

Notwithstanding the channel a gift card is purchased, T&T printed gift cards (the “Gift Cards”) and digital gift cards (“e-Gift Cards”), (together the “T&T Gift Cards”) are governed by these terms and conditions.


-A T&T Gift Card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.

-The minimum amount to activate a T&T Gift Card is $10. The maximum T&T Gift Card value that can be loaded onto one card will be notified to you at checkout and is subject to change. Please note the maximum value that can be loaded onto one card may differ across retail channels.

-You may use a T&T Gift Card to make purchases online via the T&T official website in US dollars only.

-When using a T&T Gift Card on the T&T official website, you will be required to give the serial number on the Gift Card, which is revealed by scratching off the holographic panel on the Gift Card or as detailed on your e-Gift Card.

-T&T Gift Cards cannot be redeemed via telephone/mail-order.

-T&T Gift Cards cannot be used as payment or part payment to a T&T Account Card.

-When you use a T&T Gift Card online, the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the T&T Gift Card. If your purchase totals less than the value of the Gift Card, any balance will be left as credit for you on your T&T Gift Card to spend in future. However, additional value cannot be added to any T&T Gift Card and change will not be given.

-You can contact us via email to obtain information about the remaining balance on the T&T Gift Card.

-You may only redeem your T&T Gift Card in US dollars. Please note if your order is denominated in any other currency other than US dollars, T&T Gift Card cannot be used as a payment method for such order. For the avoidance of doubt, orders delivered to the United States of America must be denominated in US dollars (US$). T&T Gift Cards cannot be used as a payment method for any orders delivered to out of the United States of America.

-A T&T Gift Card cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and cash refunds will not be available for products purchased with a T&T Gift Card.

-Refunds will not be given for the purchase of a T&T Gift Card. Your statutory rights are not affected.

-A T&T Gift Card is like cash. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced, refunded, canceled, blocked, restricted in any way or exchange for a new T&T Gift Card.

-T&T shall not be responsible for any use of the funds on any T&T Gift Card(s) without your knowledge or consent.


-T&T reserves the right to refuse to accept any T&T Gift Card which we consider has been tampered with, copied or which otherwise is suspected to be affected by fraud.

If your T&T Gift Card becomes accidentally damaged or if you have any issues with using your T&T Gift Card, please contact T&T' Customer Services by emailing contact@tnttattoos.com


-All refunds of goods or services purchased with a T&T Gift Card will be made in accordance with T&T' refund policy. This does not affect your statutory rights.

For returns of products purchased online with a T&T Gift Card, returned by post or courier, the purchase price will be refunded to an e-voucher. For further details on vouchers please contact us by email.

-The re-sale of T&T Gift Cards is strictly prohibited.

-Risk in the printed Gift Card shall pass to you upon delivery or receipt. Risk in the e-Gift Card shall pass to you upon receipt of the email.

-T&T will cancel the value of a T&T Gift Card if we fail to receive payment from the purchaser's bank or card company for the initial purchase of the card. Further action may be taken where the fraudulent use of a credit card is suspected. For the purchases (included cash) of $10,000 or more we will require proof of identification.

-All orders for T&T Gift Cards are subject to security checks. Your order may be delayed in the event that additional security and fraud checks are required. If your order fails the relevant security checks, your order will be rejected with no sums levied from your account or refunded.

-T&T will not be liable, in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence), pre-contract or other representations (other than fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations) or otherwise out of or in connection with these terms and conditions for any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages including loss of profit, loss of opportunity or any losses related to any business including (without limitation) lost data, earnings or business interruption that result from the use of, or the inability to use any T&T Gift Card(s).


-Please note any T&T Gift Cards purchased through: (i) tnttattoos.com, and/or (ii) T&T sale rep. Please ensure you review the relevant terms and conditions relating to your order with T&T sale representative. T&T is not responsible for the sale, purchase or delivery of any order made through illegal ways beside the two above.


T&T reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions from time to time where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so.

These terms and conditions are governed by US law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the US courts.

T&T Gift Cards and these terms and conditions are issued by T&T Tattoo Device INC., Registration 250N college park Dr apt:o37, upland, CA, 91786.