T&T Sponsorship Program

Thank you for your interest in T&T Tattoo Products. 

If you're looking to be sponsored by T&T Tattoo Device Inc. then you should be already purchasing and love using our products. If you are using our brands and spreading the word we should be hearing your name a lot and we will try and take notice.

We take great pride in supporting professional tattoo artists and consider sponsorship as a partnership between both to build awareness for your work using and stocking our products.
We select candidates based on a variety of criteria, such as your work, professionalism and exposure value you can deliver through social media. It really does not do us any good to have artists out there that try and promote us with weak to mediocre tattoos and bad attitudes.

If you are still interested, Before You Apply…

We want to say “Thank You” for wanting to be a part of our team, and for being an T&T Tattoo ambassador.

The 2 different levels of sponsorship are based on a number of different things including how well known you are and the amount of exposure you can give our brands.

These two factors will dictate what level of sponsorship you receive.

If you have made it this far then go ahead and fill out this Sponsorship Application Form and then just sit back and hope for the best. *Send back to contact@tnttattoos.com after you finished.

We cannot accommodate every application immediately, or even onboard every accepted artist right away. We will email you if you are accepted. Your interest means a lot, we promise we see your submissions, and we’ll do our best to get back if or as soon as we’re able. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee acceptance to everyone.

Tips For Sponsorship Applications

  • Make sure you have answered each and every question on the application to the best of your ability.
  • Make sure that your name, email address, and phone number are current and correct so that we may contact you if you are chosen.
  • Be honest with your answers. There’s a good chance we will contact your references!
  • Please do not submit application any more often than once every 3months.
  • Be patient!