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A tattoo artist who knows how to work it online is seriously next level!

A tattoo artist who knows how to work it online is seriously next level!

Hey there, tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike! Welcome to This Week’s T&T Blog. I’m Tracy, bringing you some fresh insights straight from the tattoo chair to your screens. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting a client who, fresh out of college and with two years of tattooing experience under her belt, has become a social media whiz. She divulged five key strategies that propelled her into earning her first significant income and enabled her to open her own tattoo shop. If you wish to leverage online platforms to showcase your art, this blog is tailored just for you!

Crafting Your Digital Persona

For tattoo artists looking to promote themselves online, it's essential to build a personal brand, not just display art. The goal is to draw followers to your personality and make them care about the artist as much as the artwork. To resonate with specific audience segments, you might consider highlighting aspects like generation (e.g., millennials, Gen Z), professional background, and personal experiences.

Mixing your tattoo skills with your own story can build loyalty and recognition. To show the right image online, you need to really know what makes you stand out. These traits become the core of your public image. For artists already known in their circles, soliciting feedback on the most noticeable traits, whether positive or negative, and emphasizing these can be effective.

For those new to the social media scene without a pre-existing fan base or groundbreaking innovation, it's crucial not to strive for a flawless or overpowering persona. Embracing and revealing one's imperfections and vulnerabilities makes an artist more relatable, fostering empathy and trust among followers.

How Do You Stand Out on Social Media?

First, let's shift away from relying entirely on the internet for answers to this question.

For tattoo artists, the question of standing out on social media can be quite draining. Remember, social media is simply a tool for sharing our authentic selves, whether through images or videos.

Take the example of my guest, who combines her passions for fashion styling and tattoo art. She offers her clients a unique experience by selecting new outfit styles for them after their tattoo sessions, capturing these moments as keepsakes. She emphasizes that her aim on social media isn't to chase after a massive follower count but to focus on what she loves doing.

The key here is to channel your energy into your creativity and interests, rather than into competing for attention. By simply engaging in what you love, social media serves as a platform to attract those who resonate with your work. The internet will inevitably bring you closer to those who appreciate your art, ensuring the right audience finds you.

Is It Worth Investing in Online Promotion?

Many wonder about the time and money required for making their presence known on social media and whether the uncertain outcomes justify the effort.

If online promotion is taking a toll on your well-being, it might be wise to ease up. However, for the majority, it acts like a crucial nutrient for growth, capable of significantly boosting your visibility when used effectively. It's not as hard as it seems and is accessible to everyone.

Success in the tattoo industry doesn't come overnight from a single artwork but through continuous creation, challenging norms, and persistent progress. This dedication to moving forward is what distinguishes artists who truly make an impact.

Don't wait to become famous before promoting yourself

Some hesitate to self-promote, worrying, "Am I skilled enough to gain favor? Will the negativity affect my drive? Should I wait until my work is flawless before showcasing it?"

It's common to doubt oneself, but remember, from a social media standpoint, content with genuine value can capture netizens’ heart. If your work isn't getting much attention yet, it's often because its unique value hasn't been discovered by a wider audience. Continuous sharing and audience feedback are essential for steering your process in the right direction.

Moreover, never underestimate the value of documenting your journey. Whether it's through personal diaries, social platforms, or websites, every stage of your development has its own significance and appeal!

How Tattoo Artists Can Embark on Their Journey?

Starting is as simple as having a smartphone and utilizing the available tools; there's no need to invest in a camera. The first step is simply to record and act.

Recall the wisdom shared in "The Lord of the Rings," where Bilbo advises Frodo, his successor, "Frodo, the world outside your door is full of dangers. A little carelessness along the way and no one knows where you'll be swept off to." To thrive in this vast, every-changing world, you must confidently stand up, speak out, embrace challenges, and foster a keen sense of inquiry.

Whether you're just starting or looking to expand your online presence, I hope these tips can guide you in making meaningful connections and growing your audience. Stay tuned for our next blog and don’t forget to follow us on Social media. Let's ink up the digital space with unique stories and stunning tattoo art!

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