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2023 Year-End Recap: An Exciting Year!

2023 Year-End Recap: An Exciting Year!

We've spent the last 365 days on an exciting voyage through the realm of tattoo culture—rich, rewarding, and downright exhilarating. T&T firmly established roots in the Asia-Pacific area by 2023 and emerged as a dark horse in the tattoo industry, ushering in a new era of global tattoo branding.

Expansion Chapter: Navigating Asia-Pacific and Reaping the Benefits

T&T had flawlessly landed in the Asia-Pacific region as of December 31, 2023, with our team leaving impressions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. Making new acquaintances in this vibrant corner of the world is extremely uplifting.

Unleashing Your Strengths: Enhancing Every Aspect

In 2023, we will have reached unprecedented heights in product development, worldwide logistics, and digital capabilities.

Concerning Product Development

T&T retains the leading product R&D strength and R&D quality in 2023, having retrieved over 1,000 questionnaire samples and capturing one new patented technology. While optimizing classic items, T&T is also creating new products; the B series tattoo needles, which focus on high cost-effectiveness, are set to be released next year.

TrialKit, A1205RL, A0803RLT, A1207RL, and A1209RL are the most common T&T products sold in 2023.

T&T has been testing how to improve the resilience and stability of tattoo needles, and every year we apply new patented technologies to our classic products. This year's patents were inspired by 2021 and only began to be fully applied after repeated testing of technical feasibility and material suitability, and we are delighted to receive comments that there are very few products on the market with such high performance in synergy with resilience and stability.

Concerning Logistics Acceleration

T&T had successfully developed storage warehouses across the Americas, Australia, and Asia by the end of 2023, increasing packet delivery speed by 120% to 105+ nations.

Concerning Digital Upgrades

We cultivated and reinforced our relationships with worldwide online users by modernizing the brand's visual identity across the official website, new product packaging, peripherals, and holiday gift boxes. Excitingly, our redesigned looks garnered tremendous praise from longtime friends, resulting in an 87% increase in the repeat buy rate compared to 2022. 

Chapter on Industry Innovation: Unlocking New Experiences

T&T dug into further discoveries and innovations in industry value in 2023 while sustaining steady growth. New peripherals—apparel, stickers, patches, eco-friendly mugs, and bags—were introduced this year, all with the goal of exceeding consumer expectations.

T&T's Wishlist for 2024

In 2023, it was a pleasure to get the support of many peers, and beyond our wildest dreams, we had many friends recommend that we open up some brand licensing slots, so in 2024, T&T will begin a global agency program to broaden the brand's horizons.

To increase offline networking chances, T&T will attend offline tattoo exhibits in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas in 2024 and will announce our itinerary on our Instagram account @tnttattoo, where we hope to meet new like-minded people! And forming T&T's first sponsored tattoo artist team!

Each tale of developing together shows T&T's brand philosophy, and we intend to communicate T&T's distinct essence through innovative video content in 2024. We realize that every tattoo artist has a unique story to tell, and T&T will be a part of that tale since we truly understand the needs of tattoo artists and are continually aiming to deliver a more intimate and personalized service.

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