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T&T Tattoo x Teenybopper tattoo

The importance of choosing the right supplier

In the iconic streets of Hong Kong, nestled among the vibrant tattoo culture, had been crafting their artistry for eight years. Prior to discovering T&T Tattoo Needle Cartridges, the shop had relied on cartridges from other well-known suppliers. Unfortunately, the previous cartridges suffered from excessive ink leakage and breakage, affecting both their creativity and budget.

How your tattoo equipment affects your business

Equipment-related issues can significantly impact your tattoo business in negative ways.

  • Reputation: Needles that are not sharp enough may result in uneven lines, shading issues, or overall unsatisfactory tattoo outcomes. This can harm your reputation and deter potential clients.
  • Health and Safety Concerns: Inferior equipment may not meet health and safety standards. This can pose serious risks to both your clients and your tattoo artists. Malfunctioning equipment can lead to incidents or health issues.
  • Replacement Costs: Low-quality equipment is more likely to break down. This can lead to unexpected expenses, downtime, and inconvenience. The cost of replacing equipment more frequently can strain your budget.

Crossing Paths: The Beginning of an Amazing Collaboration

At the Hong Kong Tattoo Convention, we at were actively searching for new needle cartridges. Our attention was caught by the T&T stand, and after a compelling presentation, we were handed a free sample pack to try. The quality amazed us once we tried the cartridges, leading us to immediately contact Jeffrey for more. This was the beginning of our amazing collaboration with T&T.

The T&T Transformation

The turning point for came when they stumbled upon T&T Tattoo Needle Cartridges. The transition was seamless, providing sharp needles even after extended use, enhancing their tattooing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall artistry. In the words of "We enjoy working with Jeffrey and Dana. The team was very responsive, efficient, and helpful. The overall experience of working with T&T is amazing, and we would highly recommend their Tattoo Needle Cartridges to other tattoo shops."

Take the Next Step

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