What do you know about AWE?

Explore T&T Awe cartridges for your tattoo masterpiece

Our engineers have spent the past few years on research, development, and testing, and now the T&T AWE needle cartridge is finally released and available for purchase in 2021.

So what exactly did we improve? Follow our step and explore!

Part 1: The Tip

T&T cartridge tips equipped with a patented design of ink capillaries adjust the flow of ink while tattooing, allowing it to dispense down the tip onto the skin gradually.

This innovation prevents ink puddles, decreases the frequency of wiping the skin from excess ink, and allows the artist to better view the ink dispersion within the cartridge thanks to the new see-through cartridge tip design.

The case is equipped with a separate tip where the tolerance of the parts must be close enough to not only perfectly fit the body of the casing, but hold steady for at least 10 hours of non-stop running of the cartridge. For best performance, the sleek capillaries are placed at the lower sides of the cartridge, which allows for continuous and smooth ink flow.

While the capillaries appear to be small, they are engineered to be handled with the same ease as a regular cartridge. The new tips are easily cleaned from ink with water just as you would a regular cartridge when changing color or switching between configurations.

To ensure the safety of the cartridge each lock part is equipped with a click-lock mechanism to fix the tip and the cap in place to the body of the cartridge casing. The locking mechanism allows for all parts to stay nicely intact for the whole duration of any tattoo session.

  • Ink Capillary Reservoirs

The ink handling capillary reservoirs are placed on the exterior encompassing the lower sides and partially the base of the cartridge tip. The design has been refined and perfected based on research, development, and rigorous testing of the element. 

  • Open-gap Nozzlewith Thinnedwalls

To make the tattoo experience more precise, the nozzle of the cartridge tip offers an open-gap design to allow the artists a good view of the needle tip while tattooing. The bottom wall of the nozzle is thinned for additional accuracy during work.  

  • A New Angle

The separate tip element is equipped with a new structure for the eye to see the needle at a 45-degree angle. The curvature of the mouth opening allows tattoo artists to see better where the needle enters the skin and therefore tattooists are allotted better control and precision over their work. This enhancement is especially significant for line work, finer dot work, small tattoos, and detailing on larger pieces.


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