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Newly Upgraded T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0

Newly Upgraded T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0

1.Upgraded Functions

From the tattoo artist's point of view, the selection of features is more personalized, so you can freely choose the tattoo needle model you really need.

2.Cost-effective upgrade

Because the old T&T AWE Trial Kit was often sold out, we often receive a lot of inquiries about stock and price, such as whether it will be restocked. Will there be a price increase? etc. ......  Please rest assured that we have long-term product planning for the Trial Kit because we care about the buying experience and the emotions of our users, which has led to the birth of T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0. You may not find a tattoo needle trial kit with better quality than the T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0, but with such an affordable price.

For T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0, we are confident enough to reduce the marketing cost and direct the marketing cost to alleviate the price of the tattoo needles, and of course, if using T&T AWE tattoo needles makes you feel happy, we sincerely hope that you will recommend T&T to your friends to try.

3. Experience upgrade

For users' feedback that the box is easy to break when picking up the needles, we have upgraded the normal needle box to an anti-breakage box, which makes it easier to push and pull the box when picking up the needles and will not cause damage to the package easily.

Why the new T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0?

The T&T AWE Trial Kit has continued to be well received by the tattoo needle market since its launch. During the time it has been on the shelves, we have appreciated the feedback we have received from everyone who has shared various aspects of their experience with T&T, and after we have collected it and improved it with great care and dedication, the T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 has been born.

T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 is designed to provide tattoo artists with a more personalized experience kit, so that tattoo artists can freely choose the models they really need to try, so that tattoo artists can try and evaluate T&T's various needle types in a situation that reduces the financial pressure, and T&T always wants to help artists find the most suitable tools for their own techniques. T&T always wants to help artists find the best tool for their technique.

T&T AWE Trial Kit Models and Quantity Options

1. Choose two of the eight best-selling models.
2. Box of 10: choose 2 boxes at a time.

T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 Tattoo Needle Details

The T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 is a product we've carefully prepared for tattoo artists, and we're focused on delivering a tattooing experience that's second to none. Each T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 contains the following:

  • DOWNWARD FORCE - Patent for Mechanical Design Formation. Keep the needle pressed against the bottom of the needle's mouth.
  • ULTRA INK STORAGE - Greatly increases the ink storage capacity to ensure smoother and longer ink flow times.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Safety medical-use stainless steel and medical-grade plastic.
  • EASY TO USE - Each tattoo needle has a standard knob lock mechanism, which is suitable for all traditional tattoo machine grips.
  • ANTI-BACKFLOW - There is an anti-backflow system inside the cartridge. Effectively prevents ink from contaminating the tattoo machine. 

T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0: Designed for Every Artist

The T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 is crafted to suit tattoo artists at every level of expertise. Whether you are just starting out or are well-established in the industry, our Trial Kit delivers the resources and support needed to enhance your tattooing prowess.

Old T&T AWE Trial Kit User Experience

Since the old T&T AWE Trial Kit hit the shelves, we are very grateful for the genuine feedback and experiences shared by many customers. These valuable voices not only prove the performance of our products but also reflect the trust of our customers, and we hope that T&T will always be with you on the tattoo track.

T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 Purchase and Restocking Information

T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 can be purchased through the T&T website [link], we keep track of our product inventory and replenish it regularly to make sure you get the latest products.

T&T AWE Trial Kit 2.0 will replace the old trial kit and you will receive a brand new package after purchase.

*Purchase is limited to 1 box of Trial Kit per customer. We will simply cancel orders for multiple boxes that exceed the purchase limit.

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