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More and more people seeking "redemption" choose to heal themselves with tattoos

More and more people seeking "redemption" choose to heal themselves with tattoos

As society continues to embrace more holistic approaches to mental health, tattoos are proving to be more than just skin-deep. They are becoming a vital part of the healing journey for many, marking not only their skin but also their souls with stories of survival. In this blog, we'll explore why tattoos have such profound healing power for some individuals and how this art form is being transformed into a tool for emotional and psychological healing.

Why do tattoos have healing power for those who have experienced trauma?

Research published in BMC Psychology also points out that from a psychological perspective, tattooing is a "therapeutic dialogue," symbolizing that many people contemplating suicide at this time believe that tattoos indeed provide the motivation to say goodbye to the past shadows, providing an outlet for loneliness and negative emotions.

Like writing and chatting, tattooing is also a form of self-expression. Past physical and mental traumas were forced, while tattooing is an active and beautiful "transformation" process.

Since 2013, Brazilian tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho has been carrying out a project called "The Skin of the Flower," aimed at changing the way women deal with scars left by domestic violence by covering their scars with beautiful human body tattoo art for free. She hopes to help clients enhance their self-esteem through powerful human body artwork, including women with scars from mastectomies.

To let more people know about her cause, Carvalho shared before-and-after photos of these scarred areas on her Facebook page and told the stories of these women and how they were injured. Carvalho says that since launching this project, women from all over the world have contacted her.

Especially since the pandemic period, more and more people have started to use tattoos as a similar venting tool.

Past tattoo designs expressed their experiences and bad emotions, but now tattoos seem to have become a complete method of spiritual healing, making Soul Tattoos gradually become a very potential tattoo trend on Instagram.

What Makes the Healing Tattoo Process Special?

Soul Tattoos values the tattooing process more than the results of traditional tattoo art and designs. Traditional tattoos may require appointment consultations and design discussions, but the healing tattoo concept focuses more on each person's current state. Therefore, before performing Soul Tattoos, tattoo artists usually guide meditation, then collect the client's current emotions and desired content.

Generally, the designs of Soul Tattoos will mainly feature themes of plants, astrology, or numerology. In the healing tattoo field, these symbols and images emit an energy that can create a comfortable and healing feeling. Because a lot of line-cutting techniques are needed, Soul Tattoos artists have higher requirements for the duration and smoothness of ink flow from tattoo needles, which makes the RoundLiner model of T&T tattoo needles popular among tattoo artists.

The Immense Potential of Healing Tattoos: From Interest to Commerce

The immense potential of healing tattoos is evident as they transition from a niche interest to a significant commercial phenomenon. On TikTok, the #healing topic boasts over 2.9 billion views, with sound healing exceeding 3.57 billion. Other related topics like spiritual healing and hypnosis also gather hundreds of millions of views, underscoring a growing interest in holistic wellness.

Influential figures like OpenAI CEO Sam Altman discuss finding creativity through meditation, and artist Yayoi Kusama aims to heal humanity with her art, supporting the idea that artistic expressions can provide profound therapeutic benefits.

Reflecting Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs," after basic needs are met, individuals seek fulfillment of psychological needs like belonging and esteem. This evolution suggests that healing tattoos are becoming an essential part of the emotional and spiritual healing process, carving out a significant niche in the health and wellness market.


Tattoos can serve as a powerful tool for healing and reclaiming personal narratives, particularly for those healing from past traumas. They foster resilience and renew one's sense of self. At T&T Tattoo, we are committed to supporting this transformative journey. We provide reliable, high-quality tattoo equipment that artists can trust, as we strive to inspire and assist in your artistic endeavors. For more tattoo insights, follow us on social media, and look out for our upcoming articles!


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